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In the family pic is wife Sharron, who is an active speech pathologist; daughter Sara and her daughters Rachael and Lorelei, with husband Mike, a Jet Blue pilot; son Luc with wife Asako and daughter Maya. Luc is a grad of the US Naval Academy and is a career naval officer.
  • I earned a Ph.D. and later on a post doc diploma (Rockefeller Institute of Government).
  • I spent many years as a prof in the college classroom and began that side of my career in a Muslim university in northern Nigeria. After grad school I just wanted to do something different (sic!). It worked! Today that area is a hotbed of jihadist terrorism. I learned so much in those years about Islam ---not to mention the travails of malaria!
  • I spent the better part of a year in Ghana as legislative advisor to its parliament and have also done democracy projects in the Ivory Coast (French) and Angola with a stint as volunteer in Mozambique( both Portuguese).
  • The most intellectually challenging part of my career was in politics, as State Senator in Vermont. At one point the Vermont League of Cities and Towns named me 'Legislator of the Year'.
  • I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with my son Luc and two years later went back and climbed its sister volcano Mwenzi.

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